Sardinia, proud and rebellious, has kept intact its multifaceted beauty.
Second largest island in the Mediterranean - Sicily after its neighbor - Sardinia with its wild valleys and cliffs covered with fragrant myrtle, splendid beaches of white quartz with turquoise waters and hidden coves, Romanesque churches and prehistoric sites ... appears as a wild, almost impenetrable as soon as one moves away from its shores. The cuisine is refined accompanied by fine wines in the world. No doubt, this harsh land and proudly remains one of the few surprises of the Big Blue.


Boats associated with the destination

ANDREAS L 60 mp/w low season 300 000 € ex.VAT
p/w high season 0 € ex.VAT
Length196,85ft / 60,00m
Guest / Cabins15
Motor2 CAT 3512B DITA 1380 KW @1600 HP
Max speed12/16 knots
LADY MARIAp/w low season 76 000 € ex.VAT
p/w high season 0 € ex.VAT
Length111,55ft / 34,00m
Guest / Cabins6/7
Motor2 X 2775 hp MTU 4000 12V
Max speed25/28 knots
YVONNEp/w low season 70 000 € ex.VAT
p/w high season 0 € ex.VAT
Length91,87ft / 28,31m
Guest / Cabins5
Motor2 x MAN V8 1200 HP
Max speed13.5 / 16 Knots
BEST MOUNTAIN 24 mp/w low season 28 000 € ex.VAT
p/w high season 0 € ex.VAT
Length78,74ft / 24,00m
Guest / Cabins2
Motor2 x MTU 2000 M91 12V 1500 Hp
Max speed30 Knots / 26 Knots
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